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Blue Vases (Watercolour & gouache)

Janet Argent

Copper Jug and Orchid (Oil, 500x400mm)

Rosemary Gunkar

Autumn Bounty (Acrylic, 500x500mm)

Wendy Crawshaw

Kettle (Oil on cotton, 380x480mm)

Stuart Baker

The Lonely quince (Watercolour, 350x270mm)

Brian Bent

The Maskatier (Acrylic, 400x300mm)

Chris Lucas

Paul's Pond (Watercolour, 180x280mm))

Nicky Green

Floppy and Cuddly (Oils, 230x270mm)

Sue Monteath

Hope (Watercolour, 360x260mm)

Shirley Lucas

Just Three (Oil on linen, 240x300mm)

Margie Haslewood

Three Bottles (Mixed media, 510x450mm)

Paul Potter

Digging for Victory (Acrylic, 406x292mm)

Rosalind Moysen

Bulb planting (Pen & watercolour, 178x254mm)

Carol Morris

Homegrown Sweet Peas (Acrylic, 298x420mm)

Amanda Christie

Papaya Design (Pastel, 355x457mm)

Freda Anderson

Sunbeams (Oil, 405x305mm)

Hilary Jones

5 a day! (Acrylic, 130x180mm)

Sue Gibbons

Horses standing still (Oils, 470x600mm)

Joan Steel

Venus arriving on the Côte d'Azur (Oils)

Michael Dixey

Canard à la table (Acrylic, 140x127mm)

Margaret Squires

Coffee Time (Mixed Media, 280x280mm)

Tricia Baldwin

A mystery (sticks and stones, 200x200mm)

Iris Hawkes

Tulips and stripes (mixed media, 508x305mm)

Carol Morgan

Vase and Bird (Collage, 420x600mm)

Miranda Fuller

Still Life? (acrylic, 290x290mm)

Eric Drewery

Two little radishes (Chinese ink on rice paper)

Jo Ellis

Shells on the Beach (water-based, 178x254mm)

Christine Evans