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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Index of General Data Protection (GDPR)

  1. Lawful Basis for Processing Personal Data
  2. Statement of Information Held by Molesey Art Society 9 May 2018
  3. Subject Access Rights
  4. Statement of Individual’s Rights
  5. Rules for the Retention of Personal Data

1. Lawful Basis for Processing Personal Data

Molesey Art Society is a Society whose object is to stimulate an interest in the visual arts in Molesey and environs. Membership of the Society is open to residents of Molesey and elsewhere.

The members of the Society have rights to participate in Exhibitions held by the Society and to attend other demonstrations and workshops.  The members are invited to an Annual General meeting each August and can vote on the Committee Membership, composition and other matters such as membership subscription and approving the accounts.

The membership data is used to communicate such events to members.  When a member joins the Society, they provide their personal data and they are provided with a copy of the rules. This provides the legal basis for processing the data.

The Society exists as a Society of members who have given their consent to the Society holding and processing their data.  Should such consent be withdrawn their details will be deleted from the Society’s current records within one month.  Historic documents such as Exhibition Catalogues will be unaffected as they were valid at the time of publication and no record exists of the members of the public who purchased those catalogue.

2.   Statement of Information Held by Molesey Art Society 9 May 2018

Molesey Art Society holds the following personal information on members.  The information is refreshed annually. Membership renewal occurs on 1 June each calendar year and runs till 31 May the following calendar year.  The data held has been provided by the individual members and consists of the following data:

The data is provided by members when they join the Society or when they update their membership on an annual basis.  This data i.e. the number of members and membership paid is subject to annual financial audit.

In addition, the Society holds personal information of members of the public who purchase paintings from the Society at their Spring Exhibition.

The data held is:

The data is held so that these people who have expressed an interest in the work of the Society artists can be invited to Private View events for subsequent Spring Exhibitions.  This data is subject to annual financial audit.

Personal data is held securely by the Membership Secretary and shared with a limited number of other Committee Members on a “needs only” basis for the purpose of administration.  No personal data is provided to members outside of the Committee or outside the Society.

3.   Subject Access Rights

Members of the Society can request access to information held on them by writing to the Membership Secretary.  The Membership Secretary will provide an electronic extract of the membership database within one month of the request.  No requests will be refused.

If the member notifies a change to their details this will be corrected within one month.

No fee will be charged for such access.

4.   Statement of Individual’s Rights

Molesey Art Society recognises the rights of members to access the data they hold on that member or to delete all details should they so wish.

Any data request would be acknowledged and the member’s request would be dealt with within one month.  The information would be provided electronically in full compliance with the regulations and would be a complete extract of the member’s details from the membership excel database.  The extract would be in the format in which the data is held.

If any member requests a change to their details this request will be actioned and the member will be sent confirmation that the change has been applied within one month.

There are two uses of the membership data.  The first and main purpose is to communicate with members and permit entry to the Society’s Exhibitions. If a member wishes to restrict data processing then the Society will remove that member from any electronic or paper communications. The second use is for audit purposes to check that the money raised by the Society matches the number and status of members.  In this instance it is a statistical check and individual member details are not required.

If a member requests that their details are deleted then this request will be acknowledged membership data deleted within one month.If the member has pictures or details posted on the Society website these will also be deleted within one month.

Confirmation that the data has been deleted will be sent electronically.  Immediately after that email has been sent the member’s email will be deleted from the Society’s email account.  Any historic emails from that member will also be deleted.

Any member of the public who has purchased a painting at one of the Society’s Exhibitions and whose name and address details are held for marketing purposes can request that their data is deleted.   The data will be deleted within one month and the member of the public will receive confirmation that their request has been complied with. In addition, no information will be held longer than three seasons.

5.   Rules for the Retention of Personal Data

Molesey Art Society will retain personal information of members for the current year of membership and the preceding year as the membership year runs part way through each calendar year.  Should any member object to their information being held then the data will be deleted within one month.  This will result in the member receiving no further communication from the Society.

Name and Address information is held for members of the public who have purchased paintings at the Society’s Exhibitions are invited to Private Viewings at the Society’s Spring Exhibition.  Such data is held for the preceding three seasons after that time the data is deleted.  The data is also held for financial audit purposes.