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Carolyn Palmer

I have been drawing, colouring and painting since I could first hold a pencil, and drawing was most definitely my first love! Ultimately however, I followed a more academic career, and it wasn't until I began feverishly painting fairies in my early twenties that my love of all things ‘art’ came to life again.

My subjects range from animals and people, to nature, fantasy and mysticism. I love to play and have fun with my work and frequently see the funny side of life. Several of my pieces often have a bit of playful humour running through them! I also have a passion for craft, and enjoy bringing my art and craft life together from time to time, with art/craft fusion pieces. My main mediums are watercolour, gouache, coloured pencil and water colour pencil, pastel, pen and ink and mixed media.

In other walks of life, I make wands, incense, herb pouches, rock pendants, jewellery, green man stones, many and varied craft items, and have even been known to read tarot every now and then!

You can contact me by telephone (07808649693), via my Facebook page (Paintings by Ceebee), or through my website, (still very much under construction, but hopefully under way very shortly).

Cards and prints are available in any design or designs of your choice, please see my Facebook page for your choice of design, where you can also message me for any further information or queries. There you can also see the mdf Christmas ornaments in their various available colours.