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Jenny Woolfe

I only began drawing and painting after retiring (from work as a Government nutritionist) and undertaking a 2 year City and Guilds course in Creative Embroidery. This entailed a good deal of design work which got me started. I had not done art since secondary school where, as someone who had to choose science or arts at an early stage, I only got the chance to do one art lesson a week in my first 3 years. Now I can't stop! However, I don't call myself an artist - just someone who loves to draw and paint as a hobby. I am happy in watercolour, acrylic or pastel but have no desire to tackle oils. I most love doing portraits of people. I have done a series of my friends, who include a potter, a wood carver, a gardener and a quilter. I also love to do some art on the iPad, especially if I am abroad and have no room in my case for all the other paraphernalia! I was inspired to do this after seeing David Hockney's iPad art.