Tricia Baldwin

Painter and Jewellery Maker
Painter: Using Watercolour, Acrylics, Pen/ Pencil/Charcoal and Collage
Jewellery: Using mainly semi-precious stones such as jasper, agate, pearls, glass and porcelain/ceramic stones. The finished article is held together with the use of silver and pewter.

I started painting after retirement from business many years ago. Having time on my hands to empty cupboards I found a box of watercolour paints and brushes received as a present and not used. A love of gardens and flowers was the starting point. I set about painting semi-botanical iris which I adore but soon found I got bored and wanted to experiment. It was all a journey of discovery especially being self-taught. My husband and I spent many years holidaying in France and enjoyed going into the many churches and cathedrals looking at the stained glass. The shapes and the colours telling stories of life as well as being religious got me thinking.

Now my painting is based on shapes and strong colour in much of the work that I do. You will see some of these pieces here today which hopefully, you will enjoy as much as I have done painting them.