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Chris Lucas

From an early age I had always enjoyed drawing and painting so the subject was an obvious choice when I took Art in both “O” and “A” level and passed! When I left school the art went by the way side for many years as I focused on my career and family it wasn't till we moved to Weybridge that my interest in art took off again and that was due to my new found next door neighbour John MacLeod, ex President of MAS, who got me to join the Society in 1998. Unfortunately due to work again I had to pull back on my art, but since retirement 10 years ago I have had lots more time to enjoy and try to improve my painting through being a member of MAS.  My two favourite mediums are watercolour and acrylic. I enjoy painting the odd, weird, obscure or fun pictures I am not a great fan of views probably because I am not good at them! I am now trying to experiment with mixed media which is fun, to me this is the secret its got to be enjoyable and fun!!